10 Manmade Structures Inside National Parks

Mother Nature wasn’t the only one hard at work.

America’s National Parks are, rightfully, famous for their plethora of majestic natural wonders. But there are several manmade structures that offer a unique way to interact with these parks’ history, culture, and natural beauty. From ancient dwellings to rugged homesteads, here are 10 manmade structures you’ll find in America’s National Parks.

10 of the Most Unusual Beauty Pageants Around the World

Cheer on quirky contestants, including animals and aliens, at these unconventional beauty contests.

Not all beauty competitions involve swimsuits and evening gowns. In countries like Vietnam, New Zealand, and Venezuela, locals can participate in amusing pageants that abide by the old adage: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” These curious contests flip the audience’s expectations of what it means to be a beauty queen. One popular pageant is dedicated to senior ladies, while another celebrates the scowling Star Trek Klingon species. Some events give the top prizes to Chinese goldfish and Saudi Arabian camels. In the case of the Miss Barbie contest, even plastic dolls can strike a pose for a chance at a crown.   Smile and wave at these 10 whimsical beauty competitions, which take place every year in countries around the globe.

7 Tourist Spots That Can Be Seen From Space

When we look up, we see the stars, but when we look down, we see…wait...what is that?

Late last year, in a somewhat unexpected turn of events, former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, went public with claims that not only are extraterrestrials real, but that the U.S. government (including former President Trump) has been in communication with them—he refers to them as a “Galactic Federation”—for some time now. Why wait to reveal such a piece of information? So as to avoid “mass hysteria” among the public, says Eshed, who, in his statements, also revealed there’s an underground base on Mars where the above-mentioned aliens are co-existing with government officials. While we await updates (though, the Mars office has already essentially been disproven), it made us think: If this Galactic Federation was truly just camping out in space right now, what are some of the things they’d see looking down over here at Earth?

You’ll Be Mesmerized by These Photos of the Changpas of Rupshu Valley

This nomadic tribe herds yaks, sheep, and horses against the stunning backdrop of this cold desert plateau.

The high-altitude plains of Rupshu Valley, in the eastern reaches of India’s Ladakh region, are home to the Changpa, a nomadic pastoralist tribe. For generations, they have lived in complete harmony with their land—a cold desert plateau too inhospitable for farming and which remains under a thick blanket of snow for seven months a year. The Changpas rear yaks, sheep, and horses migrating four times a year from one meadow to another with their animals, using them to produce cheese and milk. For centuries, the Changpas had preferred to live a self-sustained, secluded life, but they are slowly getting accustomed to the ways of the outside world, and visitors to Ladakh can now experience a close glimpse of their unique lifestyle and customs. Rupshu Valley is also home to a few brackish lakes, the most important of which are Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso, two mesmerizingly beautiful, high grassland lakes that preserve exotic flora and fauna.