12 of the Most Charming Fairy-Tale Towns in Germany

Colorful and enchanting, no other country does fairy-tale fantasy towns quite like Germany.

From the hedonism of Berlin’s 24-hour clubs to Frankfurt’s gleaming skyscrapers, the cities of modern Germany are as vibrant as anywhere on Earth. But while their relentless 21st-century outlook can be intoxicating, a trip into the countryside can reward visitors with some of the most evocative scenes Europe has to offer. Read on and head into a world of cobblestoned streets, soaring spires, and historic town squares.

The Salad That Invites Wealth

In Chinese communities in Malaysia, the Lunar New Year is celebrated with a dish that promises the coming months will be filled with wealth and prosperity.

A Travelers Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching and with that holiday comes the challenge of finding yet another perfect gift.

Hints have been dropped—hints that, unfortunately, have gone right over your head. So now you’re sitting there, only two months out of December’s holiday reign, wondering what in the world is left to buy for the person you love. First things first, remove the robe-slipper duo you read zero reviews about from your cart and say it with me: “I can do better.” While you might not know exactly what to get your loved one this year, you do know something: travel is their favorite past-time. When life is normal, the two of you are more often found at someone else’s cozy retreat than your own home. To help you navigate this tricky holiday, we’re helping you by finding the perfect gift (sometimes romantic, sometimes practical) for your most-loved traveler.