The Berry Islands Getting Here and Around


The Berry Islands Getting Here and Around

Air Travel

In the Berry Islands, Great Harbour Cay (GHC) airport receives regular flights from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International airport (FLL) through Tropic Ocean Airways on Friday and Sunday. From Nassau, two flights a day come in from Le Air. A thrilling way to go is to hire a seaplane. Safari Seaplanes flies from Odyssey Aviation at Nassau Airport, and from Miami’s seaplane base on Key Biscayne you can hire Miami Seaplanes to take you. Even more thrilling is a helicopter: flies from South Florida, and Dave Harmon’s Ocean Helicopters, based in West Palm Beach, can take three passengers from Executive Flight Support at Nassau Airport. From Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Nassau, many private charter companies fly into Great Harbour and Chub Cay's (CCZ) private airport.

Chub Cay is served from Nassau (NAS) every Friday and Sunday by Captain Bill Munroe's Bill Air who can vary the aircraft's size according to passenger numbers. It's $75 one way.

On Great Harbour Cay, one of the few taxis will take you to your resort or villa. After that, renting an SUV, golf cart, or at least a bike is sensible, although walking around the Bullock's Harbour village itself is comfortable. On 6-mile-long Chub Cay, it's only a mile from the marina resort to the airport.

Boat Travel

Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay are popular yachting destinations and stop-offs for boats going farther afield. Both are ports of entry with friendly service by Customs and Immigration for entry clearance and gaining the mandatory cruising permits. Both have excellent marinas with fuel and full services. From Nassau, the mail boat M/V Capt. Gurth Dean sets sail twice or three time a month from Potter's Cay Dock on Wednesday nights, arriving Thursday morning to supply the GHC with groceries, supplies, and general cargo. Some weeks, although not all, the mail boat Sherice M leaves Nassau on Wednesday afternoon to arrive in Chub Cay the next morning. For $40 each way you can secure passage—an authentic native adventure if somewhat bare-boned. Fuel for boaters is also available at Alder Cay and Little Whale Cay, halfway down the chain.

When coming to the Berries think "do-it-by-boat." It's the best way to explore the islands' vast magnificence. Rent a boat or hire a guide to take you snorkeling, beaching, and even dining at the famous outpost Flo's Conch Bar on Little Harbour Cay, 16 miles southeast of Great Harbour. Visit the Stingray City Bahamas tour to snorkel with stingrays off Goat Cay, north of Great Harbour Cay, by catching the company's boat.


Chub Cay Resort & Marina. Chub Cay. 242/325--1490; 800/662--8555;

Great Harbour Cay Marina. Great Harbour Cay. 242/367--8005; 561/704--4444;

Island Transportation

On Great Harbour Cay, you can get most places on foot, but you can also rent a bike, car, or golf cart. Golf-cart rentals start at $60 a day, rattle-trap SUVs from $40, and better cars from $75 up to $90. On Chub Cay you can rent golf carts at the marina and elsewhere. On both islands, transport maybe included in your villa rental. Hopefully, you'll get on to the water and sightsee some Berry magic by renting a small boat or doing some fishing. Make sure you have a good VHF radio and plot your course on a good chart that you can buy at the marinas: these islands have many hazardous reefs and sandbars. Gas is around $5 a gallon.


Happy People Rentals. From the tiny dockside shop, Happy Rentals can rent you a golf cart for $60/day or a beat-up, working SUV for $40. He also rents a boat. Great Harbour Cay Marina, Great Harbour Cay. 242/367–8117; 242/359--9052.

Krum's Rentals. Norman Bastian has nice cars for rent ranging from $75 to $90 a day and giving a free day for a weekly rental (six days, get one free.). Credit cards are accepted. Great Harbour Cay. 242/367--8370; 242/451--0579.


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